How do I use IT?

More details about GET-IT®

Try IT

GET-IT make it easy to share geospatial data on the web through a simple user interface.

Remember the demo access-keys:
User: gandalf   Password: thegrey
Access the GET-IT demo and try to:

GET-IT allows you to directly create and associate metadata to uploaded data by using the EDI tool.

Access the EDI demo and try to:

Install IT

GET-IT is distributed through a ready to use virtual machine in a vmdk format.

Virtual machine is downloadable here:
For the GET-IT quick installation you need to:
  • find the “right” Domain name to create your local node;
  • download the virtual machine in the machine where the virtualizer is present.
  • install the virtual machine following the administrator tutorial present in GET-IT
  • or EDI documentations

Use IT

After installing GET-IT, getting started to use it following the user tutorial in GET-IT documentation
GET-IT is the first open-source and collaborative effort toward the integration of traditional geographic information with observational data from sensor, by addressing in a unique tool visualization and metadata editing for both categories of data. GET-IT allows you:
  • to manage different geospatial data categories (layer, observations and documents);
  • to create views by using different data categories;
  • to create and directly associate metadata to layers and information of sensor MD with its observations;
  • to manage data accessibility on the web
  • to make data available via standard OGC protocols (WMS, WCS, WFS)
  • to make metadata available according to INSPIRE/RNDT/SensorML standard

Develop IT

GitHub repository of GET-IT:
GET-IT is made available according to a free and open source license (GPL v3.0). In the framework of RITMARE, the software is complementd by technical support for installation and usage. In other contexts, any form of technical support requires preemptive consent by the Developer Team and by the RITMARE SP7_WP4_AZ2 group.
In addition to the rules drawn by the GPL v3.0 license, usage of the GET-IT suite imply attribution of the Development Team as creators of the software. Users are required to credit the Development Team in all products including features drawn from the GET-IT suite. Also, the user is responsible for the information and data that are made available by means of GET-IT.