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Share your maps, measurements, and sensors.


What is IT?

GET-IT allows you to easily share geospatial data on the web with simple actions.
The suite is the first open-source collaborative effort toward the integration of traditional geographic information with observational data.

How do I use IT?

Try IT

Access to the GET-IT and EDI demos

Install IT

Access to the instruction for a quick installation

Use IT

Access to GET-IT tutorial for users

Develop IT

Access to GET-IT code repository


Anna Basoni

Mauro Bastianini

Cristiano Fugazza

Simone Lanucara

Stefano Menegon

Alessandro Oggioni

Fabio Pavesi

Monica Pepe

Alessandro Sarretta

Paolo Tagliolato

Martina Zilioli

Laura Criscuolo

Paola Carrara

Past contributors

Andrea Vianello

Tiziano Minuzzo

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